Establishment of business in 2008.
Penetration in providing transport services in railway transport;

Commencement of transport services in road transport;
Small penetration in the air transport service;

The biggest focus on road transport where the company develop very well especially in the transportation of containers;

The rapid development of shipping;

Creating fleet of trucks (32 Truck current situation);

Establishment of Customs Agency in Kosovo as Railtrans L.L.C.;
Extension to the Port of Durres by establishing Railtrans Albania;

Licensing as the first private operators Railway Transport of Goods.

A partial development of transport from Europe, Turkey and China

The rapid development in road transport;
Licensing of Customs Public Warehouse

Staff over 70 employees
Office in Kosovo The main office in Pristina, the Office of Freight Forwarders terminal Devolli and Office of Freight Forwarders terminal in Prizren
Office in Albania Port of Durres, Albania
Magazine Public customs warehouse, space 1500m2 in Pristina
Companies Railtrans LLC-Kosovo , Railtrans Albania LLC- Albania
Truck Fleet Capacity of 50 trucks and containers, capacity of 10 trucks, with tarp and 80 contractor
Locomotive Fleet Currently there are two diesel locomotives