All areas whether it is an inbound / outbound or outbound / outbound transport, there are many options when the lowest cost can be achieved across reliable and precisely executed transport variety, and we are ready to be able to we strengthen such savings by maintaining the methodology that suits you.

Railtrans L.L.C. offers reliable and cost-effective solutions to customers, through the possibility of transportation variety.

Railtrans L.L.C. possesses a highly experienced staff, who perform relevant and flexible knowledge to manage all possible combinations of movements related to the transport of goods by linking them to a similarity of such a path where the client is satisfied with the most good of different modes of transport which can be transport by sea, air, road or rail.

Different choices that suit your needs

Railtrans L.L.C. transports everything from normal shipments, containers, to heavy / overweight goods (such as agricultural machinery, trucks, buses, and military machinery) as well as bulk cargo.

We offer a variety of transportation methods, including containers, route trains, trucking, sea and air.

Marshut trains

We specialize in the transport of normal, bulk and container shipments through the Port of Thessaloniki (Greece), the Port of Bari (Montenegro) and with the countries of Southeast Europe. We connect Balkan countries with trade lines from Europe and China.
Good cooperation with railways, truck companies, shipping lines, loading and unloading companies and various partners, guarantees high seriousness of freight transport between China and Western Europe via Railtrans L.L.C.

Transport of containers from / to the Port of Thessaloniki, Durrës and Bar

We offer container transport service through the Port of Thessaloniki (Greece), the port of Durres (Albania) and the Port of Bari (Montenegro) from the regions of America, Asia and Africa via sea transport directly to the final destination in Kosovo. We offer door-to-door container / freight transportation service.

Wagon Loads

Railtrans L.L.C. provides freight wagons for the transport of various goods from / to Kosovo, based on the type of goods. We also combine rail transport with special trains and sea transport for customers dealing with various industries in Kosovo and the European continent.

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Transport Muli-modal