Shipping being the driving factor in the world economy where large quantities of trade are transported using this form, Railtrans L.L.C. is aware of the vital importance of this type of shipping by providing you with reliable, trouble-free, on-time freight to meet your supply in constant demand.

We offer container transport service through the Port of Durres (Albania), Thessaloniki (Greece) and the Port of Bari (Montenegro) from the regions of America, Asia and Africa via sea transport directly to the final destination in Kosovo. We offer door-to-door container / freight transportation service.

Railtrans L.L.C. through its partners, it offers you a variety of possibilities whether it is full container load, shipment in parts or less than container continuing towards the world’s largest seaports wherever your market sends you.

With our dedicated team and responsible staff, we proudly offer our service in the vertical market where the customer seeks just as globally in the form of wholesale companies providing cooperation with the buyer and service management for cost-effective freight expected .

The biggest contributing factor to ocean shipping popularity is cost (cost) and at Railtrans L.L.C., we provide the edge in our acquisition of global power together with our potential partners to provide not only the best tariff but also the best choice good for cargo which is ready for you.

Sherbimet e Transportit Detar

Sherbimet e Transportit Detar