From the beginning of 2017 Railtrans sh.p.k. has started its operations as the first private railway operators in our country and in the region.

With long knowledge in the railway sector, we are confident that our offer in the market will be more attractive to companies that respond to this type of transport.

We specialize in transporting normal shipments, full trains, bulk shipments and that of:

Containers via Port of Thessaloniki (Greece), Port of Bari (Montenegro) from / to Southeast European countries.
Transport of fuels (diesel, gas, etc.).
Ore transport.
Transportation of cereals.

Good cooperation with the railways of the region, our capacities in the road transport of trucks, the partnership with the shipping lines, the companies of loading and unloading and other partners in the logistics chain, guarantees high seriousness of the transport of goods either from distant Asian countries to Europe. western or countries of our region.

Railtrans L.L.C. provides freight wagons for the transport of various goods from / to Kosovo, based on the type of goods.

Also, we combine rail transport with special trains and sea transport for customers who are oriented to different industries in Kosovo and the European continent.